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Welcome to my Web site!

I am Frank Cataldo from Henderson, Nevada. Born in 1951 and raised in Rochester, New York.
I owned a Sound Reinforcement and Recording business "FC Sound" in Rochester, NY from 1972 till 2001.

I also worked at Rochester Institute of Technology / National Technical School for the Deaf as AV Technician and Theatre Sound Engineer.

Harris Communications as a final inspection technician.

WXXI Public Broadcasting as Television Audio Engineer, TV Remote Engineer in Charge and assistant Engineering Supervisor.

FC Sound, Part time to full time Sound Reinforcement, Recording and Sound System Design Engineer.

I closed my business and moved to Las Vegas, NV in March of 2001. I have been working as a sound engineer in the Casino Showrooms,
Freelance Audio Engineering, Television Remote Productions and Arenas for the past few years.
Currently I am on Disability due to a back injury and can no longer work. So I must consider this retirement.
I don't miss the East Coast snow at all. My wife Dianne and I would rather deal with the heat of summers than shovel the snows of winter.
We have a home in Henderson, NV a suburb of Las Vegas.
We love the small town feel of Downtown Henderson and still have all of the glitz of Las Vegas near by.
I received my Novice License "KA2JRF" in the early 70's. Upgraded to Technician shortly after and changed my call to N2DKI,
I earned my General about 10 years later. I would like to go all the way to Extra if I could find the time (and discipline) to study.
I also play the Drums and love to play Big Band Swing. I still have my drums but can't play due to my back problems.
I have a digital recording studio at home and do voice over type sessions. I am a proud user of Sound Scape Hard Disk Digital Recording Systems.
Besides Amateur Radio my hobbies are all electronics in nature and love to build my own gear.

I welcome any comments or communications at fcataldo@cox.net or frank@n2dki.com

Me and my toy's 2004 at The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Showroom.

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