My Gear

ATV (Ham TV) and Computer Rack

Amateur Radio Rack

Home Made Studio Quality Microphone Preamp, Audio Distribution Amplifier, Speaker Level Controls.
40 Amp DC Switching Power Supply & Power Control Panel AC & DC Voltage & AMP Meters with Transmit Indicators.


  Base Kenwood TM-731A VHF-UHF              Base Kenwood TS-50 H.F.                    Base  Kenwood TS-60 6 Meter                  

Jetstream JT220M 220 MHz Mobile Transceiver           

         Jetstream JT220M Base                          Icom IC-2730 Mobile                          Kenwood TMV-7A Bedroom     


            TYT MD-380 DMR                               Baofeng UV-5RE


(2) Diamond SX-200 H.F. & 6 Meters                 (2) Diamond SX-400 VHF & UHF


                  PRO-2050 Scanner                                         Detrola 196 Circa 1930's

Shure Gooseneck Microphone MX412/MX418 with Base                   

    Shure MX-418 Base Mic             60 watt ATV Amp        Sennheiser MD421

LDG KT-100 Automatic Antenna Tuner

Elenco F-1000 Frequency Counter


PTT Control Panel with Up/Down Channel Selector and Microphone Gain Control. ATV Antenna Rotor Control.
Shure MX-418 Microphone Plugs into top of panel. Speaker volume for UV5R monitoring my repeater.


ATV Demodulator, Modulator, Home Made Video Switching & Intellix Audio Mixer

All Panel Equipment and Cabinetry was custom made by Frank Cataldo, N2DKI


Base Antenna's

Diamond X-50
Repeater & Dual Band Base

Diamond A430S10 Yagi Horizontal Polarized for Amateur Television 434 Mhz

Comet SBB-5NMO/Mag Mount on House Air Conditioner for Bedroom Aux Base

H.F. Loop Antenna
157.8 feet long & 12 feet off the ground


Mobile Antenna

Comet SS-460SB-NMO

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