Tech Stuff

Technician For Hire

Are you in need of a special cable or electronic creation?
Give me a call and let me quote you on building you your special item.
I design and built my own electronic projects, some shown below.
As a retired / disabled technician I love to work on projects.
Building things give me a sense of satisfaction and pride.
This also allows me to make a few dollars to invest in my own gear.
Call 702-641-6555 or email frank@n2dki.com

Relay Control Panel


Re-design of my AC Power Control Panel,
ATV Video Switcher & Audio Mixer
Completed 10/18/2014






Re-design of my DC Power Control
and Audio Distribution and Switching Panel
Completed 9/12/2014



T-DB Pad            H-DB Pad

DB Pad Resistor Values

Microphone to Line Level DB Pad

Microphone Preamp

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